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Mobile Stars Planetarium in Warrington

Welcome to our monthly blog, we will be using this blog to keep you up to date with our mobile stars dome travels. This blog is about a school we recently visited with the Mobile Stars Planetarium in Warrington.

School Astronomy Shows Warrington

At the end of October went to Warrington to provide our astronomy show to a year 5 class currently studying astronomy.  We arrived at the primary school early doors to avoid the traffic and set up. Because the set up only takes 30 minutes, it didn’t take us long to prepare for the show. Consequently, we even enjoyed a nice cuppa before the show began.


Let the Show begin..

First of all, the students arrive and as always we have a short assembly outside the dome to introduce ourselves. As we introduce ourselves the class is excitable but very well behaved. As we enter the dome the hushed chatter and giggles echoed. The music begins and the lights slowly dim. The show begins and to the children’s delight dome is lit up with the constellations.

Dome access

Dome access


The Show Must Go On…

Settling quickly the class quietened down and our astronomy tutor Garry takes them on a journey through our night sky. The astronomy show in the dome lasts approximately for one hour. During this time, the year 5 class was a pleasure to teach. Participating throughout and seemingly enjoying the show and Garry’s humor.

Astronomy Q&A Sessions Warrington

After the show, the class went for their morning break and we began to disassemble the equipment. As you can see in the video below, it didn’t take us very long. Once the children were back in their classroom Garry joined them for a Q & A session. The class has already learned so much themselves about our solar system. Therefore, they were able to ask some intelligent and thoughtful questions.


How to Book Mobile Stars Planetarium  

We very much enjoyed our trip and would love to see our Mobile Stars Planetarium in Warrington again soon. We can tailor our astronomy shows to any audience or event. If you are planning a Christmas Fayre in Warrington or would like us to visit your scout group in Warrington contact us today on 0161 653 9092.



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