How much does the mobile stars planetarium hire cost?

The mobile stars planetarium hire costs around £130.00 per show. However, this can vary depending on your location. We also offer a discount for multiple shows.

What do I get for my money?

Our team will visit your venue with our inflatable stars dome and an astronomy tutor. We will tailor the astronomy shows to suit the audience. If for example, you are a school interested in mobile stars planetarium hire we would do a show lasting approximately one hour. This can be tailored to your current lesson plan. In addition to the show, we would then come into the classroom for a Q & A with the class. We also provide activity packs for the children to complete when we leave.

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Can the shows be outdoor?

No, unfortunately, we can not offer any outdoor shows. The mobile stars planetarium hire is only available to indoor venues.

How many people can fit in the dome?

The mobile stars planetarium can accommodate approximately 30 children and a couple of supervising adults. However, if you wish to hire the dome for an all adult audience then each show would accommodate around 20 adults.

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How long does the show last?

Each show lasts around 1 hour, however, the team will be available after the show to complete any question and answer sessions.

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Is there disabled access?

Yes, due to the versatility and lightweight material of the dome we can easily lift the skirt of the dome. Therefore anyone who is unable to crawl through the tunnel can still enjoy the show!

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Where do you cover?

We cover the North of England including;

  • Manchester
  • Lancashire
  • Cheshire
  • Cumbria
  • Yorkshire
  • North Lincolnshire
  • Northumberland
  • North Wales
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Do you offer the Dome for Birthday Party Hire?

We can offer the dome to any event as long as the venue is an indoor venue with enough floor space to accommodate the dome. You can find the dimensions and height by clicking the link below.

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How Long does it take to set up and deflate?

We require around 30 minutes set up time prior to the show. However, the deflation of the dome takes moments you can see a video of the deflation on our Facebook page.

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How do I pay?

We do not take any deposit, just simply arrange payment on the day or on an agreed date after. We accept BACS, Cheque or Cash only.

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