What is a Mobile Stars Dome

The mobile stars dome is a light and versatile inflatable hemisphere. Our Star Dome hire comes with a star lab sky projector and a qualified tutor to guide you through the stars. Due to the domes versatility, it is suitable for any event. It is a fantastic educational tool as it offers a perfect combination of learning while having fun.

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What are the Booking Requirements?

 To hire the mobile star dome you will require a venue such as a large hall. If you are a smaller group we recommend contacting other groups within your area to split the cost of hall hire. The hall must be big enough to accommodate the dome and leave enough room for accessibility. The dome itself requires a floor space of 21ft x 21ft and is 10.5ft high. We will require 30 mins setting up time before your first scheduled show. Therefore access should be arranged and the area cleared prior to our visit.

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What is The Cost of Hiring The Mobile Stars Dome?

The cost of the dome hire and staff starts from as little as £130.00 per show. It is easy to book and we do not require a deposit. Simply call 0161 653 9092 or use our booking form link below. While we will always try to be flexible to accommodate your dates it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. Due to the popularity of our shows and the large area, we cover availability is limited. We accept BACS, cheque or cash as payment method.

Star Dome Accessibility and Health and Safety

The star dome can accommodate up to 30 children plus 2 supervising adults or 20 adults at one time. Therefore any groups in larger numbers will have to book multiple shows. However, we do offer a discretional discount for multiple bookings. Should you require multiple shows we are able to inflate and deflate the dome between shows should you require access to the area in that time.

Due to the domes lightweight design, the skirt can easily be lifted for disabled access so everyone can enjoy the show. In case of an emergency, the dome is quickly evacuated by lifting the skirt of the dome.