The Shows

Mobile Stars Planetarium astronomy shows are the perfect way to bring the universe into your venue. Our night skies show us patterns of the stars which tell the stories of ancient Kings and Queens as well as legendary mythology creatures.

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What Happens in the Show?

The astronomy shows we offer are a perfect combination of being both fun and educational. We begin with a guided tour of the sky at night, highlighting the most common constellations. With the aid of the slideshow, all that enter the dome will be taken on a virtual trip around our solar system. From frozen wastes to fiery landscapes we visit each planet and explore its place in our solar system. With shows starting from just £130.00 and discounts available for multiple shows, what are you waiting for?

Who Are The Shows For?

Our shows can be tailored to suit just about any group. If you are within the areas we cover and your venue can accommodate the star dome we could be coming to you in the near future. Our shows can be adapted to suit any age group or learning ability. While we have listed some sample shows below if you don’t find a show suitable for your group call us on 0161 653 9092.

Take a look at our shows below to find out more;

Astronomy shows for schools

Astronomy Shows for Schools

 The mobile planetarium is an ideal environment for children to learn about our solar system. Providing an interactive and stimulating insight into astronomy. In addition to the shows which promote engagement from the children, encouraging them to ask questions and participate in the show. Therefore creating a memorable, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learning experience.

The shows are tailored to suit key stage 1, lower key stage 2 or upper key stage 2. However, they can be adapted to suit key stage 3 and 4 to suit your current lesson plan. We can accommodate around thirty children per show dependent on age. After the show, we will provide your school with educational activity packs for all age groups.

What's included?

KS1 – Reception and Years 1 & 2

  • The sky at night
  • The Sun is a star
  • Our home on Earth
  • Where light comes from
  • Night and day

Lower KS2 – Years 3 & 4

  • The Sun is a ‘nearby’ star
  • Earth’s spin and night and day
  • Earth’s orbit and the seasons
  • Planets in the solar system
  • The sky at night

Upper KS2 – Years 5 & 6

  • The Sun and stars are luminous objects
  • Earth’s spin, orbit and axial tilt
  • Sunlight is reflected from the Moon and planets
  • The formation of shadows
  • The sky at night

KS 3 & 4

Shows are also available for key stage 3 and 4 students the content of which can be adjusted to suit what is being covered and required.

Astronomy Shows for Cubs

Our astronomy shows for cubs are especially popular as they cover most of what is required to achieve the Astronomers Badge. After our presentation, the children should be able to recognise and explain the difference between a star and a planet. They should also be able to independently identify three constellations. In addition, we will cover how to identify the pole star and know how it was used by explorers for navigation. Finally, we will explore and present information on any two of the following;

  • Comets
  • Planets
  • The Sun
  • Eclipses
  • Meteorites
  • The Moon
  • The Northern Lights
  • Light Years
  • Space Exploration
  • Black Holes
  • Any Space Related Subject
Astronomy shows for cubs

Astronomy Shows for Brownies

The planetarium can help children achieve their stargazer badge with our Astronomy Shows for Brownies. The presentation will teach the children how to (with the help of an adult they know) view the night sky and do the following;

  • Observe the stars via a telescope/binoculars
  • Identify the Plough and how it can be used to find North Star.
  • Identify 2 other constellations
  • Tell a fellow brownie a story about the 2 constellations
  • Know the optimum conditions for stargazing
  • Show phases of the moon through drawing or model
  • Name all the planets and using facts they’ve learned about the planets create a game or a puzzle for fellow Brownies to play.
  • Explain why understanding the stars was so important to sailors historically.

Astronomy Shows for the Public

From just as little as £130.00 per show, you can book our mobile star planetarium for your event. Whether you are hosting a private or public event our astronomy shows could be the perfect entertainment. We can bring our shows to just about anywhere with an indoor area big enough to accommodate. If you are planning children’s parties, Village Fetes, Family Fun day or a community event call 0161 653 9092 today.